St John Medieval Museum and Coningsby Hospital

St John Medieval Museum and Coningsby Hospital

The Diorama

The diorama represent on the left, close to the museum entrance, three major events in the life of Malta namely i) The arrival of St.Paul to the island in AD.60. ii) The island withstood the Islamic siege of Sulieman the Magnificent in 1565. iii) The island was awarded the George Cross following the German bombardment in World War II. This display was given to the Coningsby Museum by the Hospitaller Knights of Malta.

To the right beneath the Hospitaller flag is displayed a model of the siege of Acre on the coast of Palestine. The fortress at Acre was held by the Crusaders until 1291 when it succumbed to the Muslims. The crusaders then moved initially to Cyprus and then to Rhodes before establishing their base in Malta.


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